My 1st Gangbang

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My 1st Gangbang

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Mine was of course different from that of a ladies fist time. I actually wish I could say it happened in college. But many of my teammates were lame. So, my first time came after several misfires. I had been invited by several couples to come over to join some guys and bang the wife. However the first seven invites were filled with more guys like my college teammates that wouldn't show up. On 2 of the 7 invites only 1 other guy shoed. Other times, I was the lucky guy to have the wife all by myself in front of the husband(checkout the cuckold category for those stories).

Finally, I had to attend a big swing party in the southwest suburbs of Chicago to finally experience. It was a pretty big party at a club. There was this hot petite, short haired brunette that was putting on a show! She was fucking like a mad woman. With all the people watching she would just grab the closest guy when the guy she was fucking came. I swear she made 4 guys cum 1 after the other in less than 30 minutes. Yes I watched the entire time in awe.

I think it frustrated her how fast they came and made her insatiable. This little sexpot pushed the next guy on the bed and jumped on top. Then called for someone to put a dick in her mouth. Once one jumped in she would pop the dick out her mouth and called for more. No shit, she said "give me more dick!" I didn't hesitate at this point. Next thing you know she's riding the one while sucking me and stroking 2 others. She then starts going back and forth sucking and stroking us while bouncing on the guy below. Multitasking at its finest!

The guy on the bottom came and she told us to switch like she was a coach and we were playing a sport. She got in the doggy style position and we rotated around her like a merry go round. A guy would bust and another would join in.

I was in awe because I came and bowed out and she was still going. After seeing and experiencing that... I was hooked!

I love seeing a woman lose herself in PRIMAL LUST like that!

Tell me/us about your 1st gangbang?!
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